• Cheryl Bellette

Top 5 Website Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends You Should Know In 2018

Design is forever evolving, more so when it is paired with technology. Every year, website trends change and technology is now making it easier than ever. Innovation in the digital design industry is often a result of continual research by tech and web companies however it is also affected by fashion, news and cultural events.

So the question on everyones lips is.... What are the hottest design trends in 2018?

1. Keeping it visual.

Window shopping has become scrolling, we no longer move from store to store on our feet, we shop with our fingertips, from the comfort of our home, our work, our school or on the bus. As we are more and more on our phones and less on the PC, customers no longer want to go from page to page, they would rather scroll, using page anchors to highlight different sections. Due to scrolling, images have become larger and wider, filling the whole screen, from edge to edge and therefor need to be high resolution.

Website owners in 2018 aren’t focusing on providing pages of detailed information to their visitors, but are instead choosing to convey their message in pictures and headlines and quotes.

2. Animated elements

Done with style, a web designer can bring your website to life with animated elements.

Used to draw a customers attention to specific details, that you want to stand out, such as, sales, popular items, upcoming events etc animated elements take the lead. Other animated elements such parallax effects produces a 3D scrolling effect which creates a easy and highly sophisticated feel.  

3. Types of typography - have fun

Be creative and be experimental. Big typographies have been on trend for a while now so we suggest you be brave and dive in. Break the rules and stand out! Just try to find the balance with your space, colours and images. If you have a drop and drag editor you will have lots of fun trying all the options.

4. Negative space - use it wisely

Gone are the days where words and images crowded your page. Less is more in 2018. You will find the " on trend" sites will have large blocked strips of colour, images videos and overlays. Each element will be placed strategically on the page to make the biggest impact and draw the visitor in.

5. Be original, be colourful.

Colour is definitely "in" in 2018. Add a pop of colour to your site but make it bold. We suggest you try to use the same colour in your logo or at least in the same colour scheme as doing so will help your branding.

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