Networking is key to many successful businesses.  We all the know the power of word of mouth; a friend recommending a friend.


We here, at recommendU, offer an exclusive, targeted and effective marketing service only for service based businesses. We provide genuine recommendations on facebook, to customers who actually need or want your services.


We get to know you, your business and your services and then using your selected keywords and criteria, our small team of dedicated networkers will scour facebook looking for recommendation opportunities for your business.





How does it work?

It's simple.  Just like a friend or a colleague, we will take the time to get to know you, your business and the services you provide.  We will want to know: 

Your business name, location, the services you offer and prices?

The unique selling point/s of your service?  

Why you believe your customers choose you?

Your target audiences' age, gender, location and economic status? 

Once we have a good feeling for you and your business, we proactively search facebook posts in groups local to you for potential leads who are seeking your services. We then recommend you via links to your website, facebook page or your instagram page. We call these pre-qualified recommendations. We don't recommend you to "just anyone" as the recipient of the recommendation will need to match your criteria.    

You or your business will be tagged in each recommendation and facebook will automatically notify you.   We'll also send an SMS notifying you that we have recommended you, prompting you to check your facebook account and/or follow up on the recommendation.  At the end of the week, you will receive an email will all recommendations listed in the form of screen shots.  This will give you the opportunity to follow up if needed.   

How much does it cost?

Just $10 for a single recommendation or $15 for a double recommendation*.  Remember we only recommend you to customers who are actively seeking your services and that also match your criteria selection.  

Many larger marketing agency charge considerably higher rates for leads.   Those leads are generally not your exact target audience, seeking your exact services at that exact time.  If they provide warm leads, well we provide hot leads! 

How many recommendations we make depends on the market demand so we don't charge a weekly or monthly rate.  We ask you to top up your account, choosing the amount you would like to spend and then we make as many recommendations as we can, as quickly as we can.  This might be over a few days or even weeks.  

* A single recommendation is just that, one per post.  A double recommendation is where two of our team members will recommend you on the same post, building consumer confidence.


Are you providing the same service for my competitors?

We will get back to you soon!

No way José!  We mentioned that our services are exclusive and we mean it.  

That means that we will never be recommending two hairdressers in the same city at the same time.  Once you have provided us with your marketing radius we will not take on other clients in the same industry/niche in the same area. That's our promise to you.  


Keen to get started?

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